01 June 2013

Miscellaneous drawings

Hello - is it me you're looking for?

I'm truly sorry for being somewhat busy in real life and not drawing anything anymore. Perhaps I'll get back to posting silly colourful drawings on a regular basis someday, but unfortunately it is not this day.

Nevertheless, here are some of the smaller things that I've made over the last few months.

A birthday card for a friend of mine.

A birthday card for another friend of mine.

... yes, another card and quite possibly my first one that has something in Estonian written on it?

Honestly, by now you should be able to guess what it is. 

This is me every day at 8:05.

Someone had a bad game in LoL and I tried to cheer them up. I think it worked. 

Just some bunnies drawn for someone's birthday, moving on...

Oh, me and my million ridiculous and confusing thoughts. 

Another birthday card with super massive owls on it.

That one was for Fergi!

Thank you for attention, I'll go back to doing festival quests on my (not so) secret alt now. Maybe.
We'll see.


  1. Well thank you for uploading stuffs! I really like the second one, with the girl... finding her way through a magical, overgrown garden at night? Looks like an adventure anyway.

    1. Oh, thank you. It does look like she's having a real adventure here, I'm just... not quite sure what exactly is going on. At least it was fun to draw!