25 March 2012

I've got a theory

Dear members of Fightclub, friends and allies! Lately our raids have been disastrous, to say the least, and I think I finally figured out why it's like that. The problems start with the most basic things that a member of Fightclub should know...

Less cookies, more crowd control and cooperation? Yeaaaaah, I don't think anyone's going to give their share of cookies up for successful raids.

24 March 2012


Ah yes... tanks. Be it a warden, a guardian, a champion or a captain, there's always some kind of trouble with them. A terrible tank can easily ruin the whole run for up to 23 people, but a good tank can often save the day and give hope to everyone.

So here are a few memorable tanks...

So this is Moose's dwarf guardian. I haven't really figured out how to draw him yet, so this will have to do. That aside, I think tanking suits him very well because: 1) he can die before everyone else and it is, in fact, what he's supposed to do; 2) facepulling seems legit when you're a tank, so now his noob pulls aren't so nooby anymore; 3) he can hold aggro surprisingly well. Hooray juice!

I don't know why so many guardians feel the need to tell everyone what exactly they're doing, but I can say that usually most people don't care. I play a DPS class, a support class and a healer and there have been exactly 0 times when I cared about my tank's skill rotation. I think only captains should be allowed to say they used their panic buttons (because it's kind of scary to see the captain at 2 morale without knowing he's used Last Stand).
However, Ciani pointed out that Pledge is essentially yelling "NOT THE FACE, NOT THE FACE"... so I guess I can forgive mentioning that one skill every once in a while.

Most champs seem to dislike tanking, but they express it in very different ways. Sen takes it like a man, Erl says she sucks at tanking, End complains about everything (but still tanks like a boss), Thorf goes back to the Moors when he's asked to tank and Feath, of course, is still too nooby to understand what's going on (awwww baby champ).

Do you know that feeling when your tank is supposed to grab aggro with a taunt and types "lol missed" instead of using another taunt when the first one misses or gets resisted? No? Lucky. 

I dislike wardens and don't trust them when they're tanking, but there have been 2 very exceptional god mode wardens that I worship even after all the nerfs and failures. Seeing a nerfed warden always makes me sad, seeing a warden that goes "pffffft, who cares about the 500 orcs! let's do this!" always fills me with a very strange kind of happiness.

What do you do when your tank is Jara? That's right - you make fun of him. At least he's a very cheerful fellow, even when his shield is broken and his computer is lagging. You know we love you, Jaranoobadan!

Hooray beer, no more tanks to draw! I wonder if I should make a post about hunters...

09 March 2012

Must not wake my roommate

... happens to me all the time. Maybe I should just stop playing in the middle of the night because staying logged on and hoping that no one would say anything stupid doesn't seem to work.

In other news, Moose's guardian and Feath's champion are level 75 now (although the former has been 75 for some time already). Hooray beer! Might I suggest some amazing two-handers...

02 March 2012

Good old times: Raise the hammer

The other day I was lurking in the LotRO forums again, reading the old threads in the Crickhollow subforum (hooray Crickhollow!). After going through a crazy number of pages full of meaningless posts I found Sepp's drawings. (link to the original thread)

In order to save these truly brilliant and inspiring masterpieces from being forgotten and/or destroyed (you never know when things go wrong) I decided to post them here. Click on the pictures to embiggen them and see them in their full glory.

WARNING: these pictures are not like my silly comics at all. I can understand why most people would probably look at them and go, "???"

Remember when we were even sillier noobs than we are right now, when running Vile Maw was a real challenge and no one had completed OD t1 on our server?

EDIT: oh, I guess there was another thread for Sepp's amazing art. Elephants 7-manned, yeah!