Did your group wipe again for the 50th time in one night? Did half of the raid ragequit because clearly this instance wasn't going anywhere? Did you just die again for no apparent reason? Are you wondering why all those awful things are happening to you?

Well, worry not, because I have some great advice for all raiders, no matter what their race/class/level is. This is no Book of Infinite Wisdom, but I've tried to record as many pieces of useful advice as possible to help people. May those wise quotes motivate you as much as they motivated me.

"The troll does the ground pound when he hits the ground, I think." - Jara

"So what you are saying is if we hadn't died, we would have survived?" - Godless

"We have to kill them before they kill us." - Jara

"We would be looting now if we had just killed the boss!" - Thorf

"Staying alive longer than the enemy is a guaranteed way to win." - Jara

End's Golden Rules of Raiding:

1. Always look good while killing mobs.
2. If it's killable, it's probably meant to be killed. No excuses.
4. Don't be a one hit wonder.
8. If you're dead, your DPS is 0.
10. Don't forget your pots.
11. Don't tell anyone about the rules.
15. You can never have too much DPS.
17. Always loot like a Dwarf: if it isn't nailed down, bag it and stash it.
21. Sometimes you just gotta Leeroy.
23. Live longer than the enemy to win.
33. If you're a dwarf, you had better be shirtless.

I will update the list when people come up with more words of wisdom.


  1. Where is rule #76?

    1. No need to write that down, everyone should already know that by heart. And if they don't... well, then they probably shouldn't be raiding in the first place, really.