29 February 2012

Never trust a champion

Silly champs. They always pull aggro with their flashy skills and shing shing. A hunter is generally a safer bet, unless they have 2.4k agility... wait, no, that's only true in my kin. Most hunters are not very bright.

24 February 2012

Hoorayyyyy independence day

Today is the independence day in Estonia and it gives me a perfect excuse to party!

Unfortunately I'll probably just stay up all night and play LotRO/Freecell. I'm such a nolifer. Hey, at least I had a day off...

Look at that, there's an article about my country in Wikipedia.

21 February 2012

A sudden start

As most people probably know, wardens got hit by a massive nerfbat when RoI was released. It's quite sad, really, because I knew some wardens that could easily tank everything better than all the guardians on our server. Now most of them are gone and only one remains. And that one warden, reduced to only a shadow of his former glory, spends most of his time whining about everything.

However, that doesn't stop him from half-leeroying some trash pulls in Tower of Orthanc. Last night he did it again and managed to survive. Hooray!

Next week: inappropriate jokes about hunter stances (strength, precision, endurance)!
Okay, maybe not. That'd be too low even for me.

And by the way...

Form: I was trying to get a screenshot of your RK to draw you
Form: sadly I wasn't able to do that
Kam: personally I'm hurt that you can't just close your eyes and draw him in your sleep
Form: hey, I could get small details wrong. like.. uhhh...
Form: the... length of your... beard?... 
Kam: good point - that would be tragic.
Form: yeah. I know how important beards are to some races.
Kam: the length of a dwarf's... beard... is a touchy subject

So last night I finally took a screenshot of Kam's RK to draw him, hoping that it'd stop him from calling me a noob for the next ~2 days. As a result I found out that his beard is quite short and tucked in his shoulder pads that look like a scarf.
I think I prefer Dune's champion.

11 February 2012

Wandering rocks

Okay, so maybe I did actually combine 2 stories into one, but it was all done for the sake of my sanity. Spending the whole afternoon/evening on one comic is not cool at all.

Based on a true story (AS ALWAYS).

Someone's RK stone did randomly start moving and facepulled the whole room in t2 lightning wing a couple of weeks ago. I think the owner of that evil rock was either Kam or Lofarr...

Achievements of the week:
- My 3rd character (the sad little RK) finally hit 75. Hooray juice!
- FC tried to 6-man T1 lightning wing. The trash pulls were surprisingly smooth. The boss... owww.
- My hunter has spent most of her time on the level cap for exactly a year now. 11th February 2011 was when I finally hit 65 after a long painful  struggle in Moria and a couple of weeks of hugging mallorn trees in L√≥rien.

08 February 2012

Dedicated to Jara

Ward: no new pc yet?
Jara: na still waiting to get the new car lol
Form: get a bicycle then
Moose: or a willing kangaroo
Moose: that's a 3-fer cus then u have a body guard and sparring partner

(This is a kangaroo with a ladder, in case someone couldn't tell. Very appropriate. I may try to finish a real comic before Saturday.)

UPDATE: there's more fun to be had with Jara's country!

01 February 2012

Raid locks

Again, based on a true story. I can't believe they got themselves locked ~15 minutes after the raid locks reset. Well done. /sigh