25 October 2012

To Rohan!

So a lot of people have had the chance to chill out with the Rohirrim for about a week now. Sadly I have been busy with not throwing stuff at other people in real life, so I could not play as much as I wanted to play, but I have seen just enough to know how it is.

The landscape is really nice, I really like my new horse, hunting warbands is a good way to kill time and the music is amazingly beautiful... however, not everything about Rohan is that great.

Q: "Hey, random male blonde man! If you could use five words to describe your homeland, what would those words be?"
A: "Dire. Our mission is dire."
(dammit, voice actors with repetitive lines!)

On a completely unrelated note - you can buy a new cosmetic item for dwarves from the LOTRO store and it's amazing. In case there are people who have not seen it yet - here's End with his pimp outfit (and my thoughts about his newly created dwarf alt).

Stay classy, everyone!

11 October 2012

Welcome back, End!

... yeah, maybe I should've posted that a week earlier, but I don't think he'll mind. We're glad to have you back with us, noob.