25 November 2012

Blending in

I like it when people at least try to dress their characters reasonably. I don't think that wearing dresses in great battles is very practical and I don't think that using ridiculous dyes helps to hide yourself from unfriendly eyes... which is why all my characters look rather boring. I try to look like a normal citizen of Middle-earth.

It's okay to wear colourful dresses on special occasions, though! You can't go to a hobbit party (you know, pies and fireworks and beer and all that) with a dull brown ragged robe, it'd be silly.

But just think of it: how is a burglar supposed to blend in with the background if he or she is wearing a bright orange outfit in a forest? You can get away with red and orange and other bright colours if you're, I don't know, a ladybug or a strawberry, but for humans it's definitely not going to work.

Or how do you expect a dwarf swimming in yellow shorts to... errrr... I'm... not quite sure... how you could... I mean... I suppose you could... dye your beard green and... and pretend to be a huge... floating ball of seaweeds, but...
I have very mixed feelings about that picture.

Anyway, most of my characters have one or two silly outfits for festivals. However, my captain only wears black because I'm a roleplayer who has not come out of the closet yet and I like to think that she's a serious person who only does serious stuff. You can't yell and shout on the battlefield to motivate your fellows and expect to be taken seriously when you look like this:

"Now for wrath, now for ruin, and the world's ending!" is one of the things that you are definitely not going to hear from this person. Nuh-uh. No way. Never. Now if I get another horse, like my black heavy war-steed, and put some shiny armour on...

Yes! I am not afraid of anyone! I could fight anyone, no matter if it's an orc, a troll or a balrog! I could even face the trolls from GLFF in that outfit! I am so awesome! Riders of Rohan, to meeee! Yes!!!

... except no. I put my amazing black outfit on, got my huge black horse and went to Bree-town and that helped to put things into perspective.

Was it my unusually big horse? Was it my heavy armour? The huge two handed sword? My title? I will probably never find out, but someone definitely clicked on my character, walked up to me and still thought I was a man.

From now on I shall be known as Sir Tuljak the Strong.

09 November 2012

Fun times in Eaworth

Firstly, I'd like to say that the current "endgame" in Rohan is horribly dull. I can understand that it's mostly aimed at your average casual solo player and raiders with no life are a minority in a game like LOTRO... which is terribly sad because most of my friends happen to be raiders with no life and quite a few of them are taking a long break, since currently you can only quest and do skirm raids (booooriiiing!).

However, you can do some of those quests with your friends and/or kinmates to make them more entertaining.

Guess who couldn't get up there fast enough and had to wait until someone else bought a summoning horn from the LOTRO store (that'd be me). Also, guess who fell like 20 times and landed outside the city walls twice (yup, me again). 

I saw at least 3 deaths in Eaworth that were caused by that tower. 1) Someone missed a jump (perhaps because Jara pushed him?), 2) someone jumped on Moose and accidentally fell off, and 3) Moose didn't aim for the river when we all decided to jump down. 

Final score:
Beacon of Eaworth: 3+
Citizens of Middle-earth: 0

Until next time!