30 November 2011

Birthday cards #3

As you can probably tell, my skills have improved a little bit. After completing the second picture I felt a little bad about the first one. Then again, kites are pretty awesome, so it should be fine.

24 November 2011

Damn tricksy hobbitses

So I've been leveling my rune-keeper with someone else's hobbit minstrel for a couple of weeks. If all goes well, I/we will have 3 lvl 70+ characters by the end of the year. However, it's quite likely that laziness will take over again - not an uncommon thing when you're hanging out with Wardless - and we'll never level up again.

I don't really mind being in a fellowship almost all the time, but 1) he keeps dragging me to places that I'd rather avoid (e.g. Moria - it's called 'the black pit' in Elvish for a reason), 2) he keeps making fun of me and calls me a newb very frequently, 3) he outDPSes me way too often, which is kind of embarrassing for one of the best DPS classes.

17 November 2011


I know he probably doesn't look like that irl, but I think it's good enough. Learn to type and stop destroying your keyboard!

15 November 2011

A very sad Dragonborn

I've been trying to write something for this picture for the last 20 minutes. I can't find the words for it. I just want to play Skyrim again... and I can't.
fus ro dah, fus ro dah, fus ro dah

I'd like to thank Thorfinn and Thorfridrvfirdvrifr for comforting me.

Also, I'd like to slap Moose for the last night. My roommate told me she couldn't sleep because I was giggling all the time.

09 November 2011


There are a few people that always speak of being so very loyal to their kins, including Fightclub. "OMG guys, I'd never abandon you! For me you're always the best!"
I remember a champion from Of The Relic that said exactly the same thing about their kin and told me that they hate people that leave their old groups to join other ones that run cool instances more often*... but now that champion is somewhere else. Leaving for greener pastures is evil, /rolleyes.

For me being loyal to your kinship means staying there even when there's just three of you and your kinmates are obviously trying to make you feel miserable, e.g. the huntburg** calls you a noob every day and the warden always tells you that your class sucks...

* You don't need 800 people to run OD! It only takes 12, nowadays even less! I've always been in very small kinships and I still have the right to hang out on the outskirts of the raiding community of Crickhollow. Hey, I've been in server firsts too... 

** Enjoy your purple robe, creator of "rinoviits". I didn't draw the flames on your cloak this time to make it look even better!

02 November 2011

Introducing my kin

Last week I realised I haven't really talked about the characters I have drawn here, so I figured it'd be nice to actually tell you who those weird people are, starting with my kinship. So here's Fightclub in its full glory!

 I haven't seen Iri's main character for some time, but I swear she always seemed to be wearing very colourful clothes. I'm not quite sure why...

Look, I'm not a man, yet everyone tells me that I am one. It makes me very confused. This beard should not be there.
... hey, it kind of reminds me of Obi-Wan's beard...
I'm not a man!

Wardless is obviously too weak to play a tank, so he switched to his hunter. What a noob.
I always liked your warden more than your hunter!

Sato loves cookies and sacrifices dumb hunters to the almighty Cookie God. She's a brilliant healer, but shiny objects always seem to distract her.
Doesn't matter. She has cookies, so everyone likes her.

This is our kin leader. He's a great guy because...
... oh wait, never mind.

Godless is a power hunter that stacks agility and hunts polar bears in his backyard. The other day he told me I can't call him a nerd anymore - apparently he's mr Arctic Nerd for me. Sigh.

Cas has an unhealthy obsession with huge swords.
He also tries to solo mobs that should not be soloed, e.g. balrogs, dragons, giant trolls... Cas, I'm not interested in 6-manning all of the raids in this game. Seriously.
(Blade of Elendiiiiiil!)

Is someone in your raid link dead? Must be Moose. Did someone pull 10 trolls without even touching the keyboard? It was Moose. Has one person in your fellowship not unlocked the raid or not discovered the entrance to the dungeon you're about to run? It's probably Moose. Did someone die 10 seconds after you started the fight? SURPRISE - it was Moose.

A couple of months ago Feath told me he had a cold from eating too much ice cream. I told him it didn't really sound very manly and he came up with a new explanation: he had been hunting beer in the mountains and had caught a cold there. His stories are always fairly odd... and amusing.

I might draw some other people next week to shut them up. We'll see.