This is where my autobiography should be. One day I'll stop being lazy and finish it. Right now this page is here just to decorate my blog... I guess I could write a thing or two before I give up and press the "Publish" button.

Hello, most of my readers know me as Formeniel Ilfirin [insert my current title here]. Of course, a lot of them can't spell/pronounce my full name, so you can just call me Form... or Formiel in some cases.

My home server is Crickhollow - it's a fairly small one, but I really like it. I'm an oldtimer on Crickhollow (kind of) - I started playing a couple of weeks after our server was opened. Sadly my main character is an elf hunter, so no one ever remembers me despite me sticking around for that long.

I am in a kinship called Fightclub. Is it a raiding kin? Perhaps! We do raid fairly frequently and most of us have been raiding for a fairly long time. I think nearly all of us have participated in a few server firsts and really enjoy raiding. Keep in mind, though, that everything in this blog is based on real events, so clearly we're really just a bunch of ADD moders who pretend to be srs raiders every now and then.

I have 4 lvl 75+ characters: a hunter, a captain, a rune-keeper and a warden.
Note: you can click on the pictures to see bigger versions of them, in case someone really wants to stare into the lifeless cold eyes of my characters. Or check out my not very creative outfits. Or both.

 My "main" character is of course Formeniel Ilfirin of L√≥rien, a hunter, a yeoman and a part of the FC firing squad alongside with Ward, Moose and Godless.
This is the very first character I ever created on LotRO. Lately I have only been raiding with her - which is a shame, of course - but I'm relatively certain that she will always be the first one to explore any new areas, collect barter items for new shinies and wipe in new raids.
I also collect horses, goats, money, titles and fish on this character.

My second high level character is Tuljak of Dale, a captain, an armsman and my most useful character. 
I never trait HoH unless it's really needed (there'd better be some serious healing to be done if you want me to go 5b with the capstone), I never use any of the cappy pets (they're all mentally challenged), I don't care about stacking physical mastery (because no one in their right mind cares about cappy DPS) and I'm a quite enthusiastic, albeit a somewhat undergeared cappy tank. 
Sadly I only get useless symbols from raids on her because the cookie god hates me for whining about buffing everyone. 

Then there's Laimire of Lindon, a rune-keeper and a jeweller.
I find leveling her quite painful and I despise RK DPS (if I want DPS, I just take my bow and arrows). I'm a mediocre healer and people who'd like to survive need a miracle when I'm supposed to keep them alive.
I'd like to thank a certain extraordinarily unhelpful and unsupportive minstrel for forcing me to go on, otherwise I would've probably stayed in Tinnudir until the end of time.
I'd also like to thank a certain lonely dwarf RK for the advice... and for warning me about probably never getting to raids because I have more useful characters. Come to think of it, he was the one who told me to focus on my cappy instead... hey! You saboteur!

My last high level character is an anonymous warden who comes from, I don't know, probably Rivendell or something. Oh, and she crafts stuff.
Her main hobbies are being sneaky (she's even in a different kin), not tanking raids (people tried to force me to do it once and it was a disaster), defending other wardens on GLFF and trying to find a cosmetic outfit that would not look stupid. So far I have not been very successful, but I'll keep trying.
Yes, she is an elf and I don't care. All you Middle-earth racists and Man supremacists can go step on a piece of Lego.

Contrary to popular belief I am not from the US, nor am I from the UK. I come from a tiny country called Estonia - it's located in North Eastern Europe and it really is small. I'm not exaggerating. Our cities are small towns for the rest of the world, so basically you're all free to call me just a small town girl (living in a lonely world).

Important: I am not a man.

I can't draw in real life and my jokes fall flat all the time, but it's fine.
Currently I'm trying to educate my roommate, so that at least someone would laugh if I happen to fail miserably again.

"Gandalf and Glorfindel are so awesome! They both soloed a balrog and got rezzed by the Valar! Kind of sucks that they got teleported back to the entrance after the rez."
"Uh..." *poke poke poke* "... oh, that's funny. Haha?"
"Fingolfin was such a great warrior! He even tried to solo Morgoth and everything, sadly he didn't have enough finesse. His BPE rating was awesome, though! Too bad he finally got one-shotted."
"Uh..." *poke poke poke* "... oh, that's funny. Haha?"


  1. Great blog, keep it up, very funny and well done

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