29 June 2013

Simply the best

Dear readers, more specifically the ones who have actively played LOTRO on a rather small server called Crickhollow!

Let me ask you this: who is the greatest player on our server, regardless of their class? Close your eyes and think about it for 30 seconds.

Done? Do you have the answer to that question? Good, good. Now I'm going to reveal the truth to you and you can compare your mental notes to the cold hard truth that does not care about your friends and kinmates, nor does it care about any popularity contests and petty fights on GLFF.
What you're going to see now is the objective truth and if you disagree, then you're wrong and should close this window, shut your computer down and go for a walk to think about the meaning of life.

So who is or was the greatest player of Crickhollow?

Thank you for attention.

1. Not bragging but I have been (LOTRO forums, retrieved 2013-06-29)
2. I can FLY!!! (LOTRO forums, retrieved 2013-06-29)

Apparently I had two (*gasp*) typing errors in that comic. Thanks for pointing them out.

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  1. I really love your blog! And your pictures is so funny! I am LotRO player of server Imladris... Lore-master 50 lvl... Just thank you!