08 September 2013


Hey, isn't it odd that I decided to use Untitled as the title, so this post does have a title, even though the title says it doesn't have a title?
Sometimes I confuse myself.

Someone (you know who you are!) wanted me to post something, so I guess I'm here again.
I was very close to drawing a picture about how a hobbit friend of mine "helped her friends" in LOTRO the other day. It's very nice to have friends and everything, but surely getting drunk with festival NPCs and then throwing rotten apples at the bounders wouldn't really count?

That aside - from "aw come on, draw me something space-y, like a nebula or something" to "apple worms are so cute, so why don't you draw me one"...

Hey, who knows? Maybe LOTRO will give me some inspiration again when Helm's Deep finally gets released, whenever that's going to happen. I already heard rumors about some features that are probably going to give everyone a headache, so all hope is not lost yet.