1) I've probably said that at least a hundred times, but I'm going to say it again: drawing a pretty picture takes forever. I thought it'd get easier with time, but it's not getting better. I really like to pay attention to the little details that no one ever notices, e.g. a cookie in someone's hand, a tree in the background, the colour of someone's shoulder pads... Small details take a lot of time.

2) I can't draw in real life. I suck at it. My pictures look horrible and all my teachers always gave me that "awww, at least you tried" look. I'm not kidding.

3) CONFESSION TIME: occasionally I need to take a look at other pictures to figure out how to draw something. I'm a cheater. Sorry!

4) I don't use MS Paint. Again, sorry! Some people seem to think it's not hardcore enough if I don't use the suckiest tools available. It's kind of like using a chainsaw vs using an axe. However, I don't use fancy tools either. I just... draw everything in separate layers to make life easier for myself. So this is how it goes:
  1. a poor sketch
  2. outlines
  3. colours
  4. delete the sketch, merge the layers, ????, profit.

I added an example to show you what I'm talking about. The whole process takes ages to complete (I WONDER WHY) and that's why I...
I'm fairly sure I wanted to say something. I guess I forgot.

5) I really like compliments. Be nice and tell me that I am awesome. People from my kin can also call me a noob, I know what they really mean (I love you too, losers).

6) Generally I don't ask for anyone's permission to draw them because I assume there's no harm in silly little pictures. If you feel insulted, feel free to send me a tell/message/e-mail and complain a little bit.

7) All my comics are based on true stories and real experiences. It may seem absurd, but all those things have happened at some point... maybe only slightly differently.

I'm a little surprised that people actually like my silly little pictures.

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