14 April 2013

Moose goes on an adventure

Just one thing before I go back to dealing with real life: it's amazingly hilarious when a kinmate of yours decides to log on when they're drunk.

Moose: dam it's embarrassing to say i cant rtemember how to ..... ahhh dammit i lost my train of thought
Moose: i guess it'd only be appropriate that i somehow get exactly what i'm looking for when i'
Moose: completely lost in the process of de.... ok nvm i cant ever keep my current train of thought relevsnt to what i'm saying

Moose: i dont even remember the boss fight and i have a crysta;?

1 comment:

  1. Were any of u there? i wanna know how i did in this boss fight... whatever boss it was... anyway i'm just proud to be the one that got form out of her comic slump