10 February 2013

What happens on Bullroarer... stays on Bullroarer

Or maybe it doesn't!

I went to Bullroarer this week to see what U10 is going to be like and Argendauss of Brandywine happened to be doing exactly the same thing. I'm just going to pretend that it was a huge coincidence and he did not log on to Crickhollow before that to ask me to join him.

I am happy to report that most armour sets seem to have decent set bonuses and stats, and they also look quite impressive in most cases. "And the new raids?" you might ask. Well...

A bit later we tried T1 with my captain, his warden and his friend who had a lore-master. The three of us managed to finish the instance at lvl 20. In a way. Kind of. Some parts of it.