29 December 2013

Never forget

Hello, Helm's Deep, and goodbye, hundreds of thanes who couldn't save their own village consisting of 3 houses! 

Helm's Deep! When I started playing this game, I thought I'd perhaps see Rivendell one day, but I never thought that one day I'd end up running errands for Éowyn! It's amazing! 

Not only did the latest expansion add more horses and horsemen to the game, it also changed the way you pick traits for your characters, so you can spend skill class trait some kind of points on various traits instead of having to join GLFF to ask where the closest bard is. It's brilliant! And apparently it changed a lot of things for everyone. 

I really mean a lot of things. For example, minstrels can run around and kill everything with ease now. Well, admittedly they could do that before as well, but now they're even better! 

And wardens... uhh... they, uhh... got like... shinier stuff and... stuff...

... and guards just kind of look better than before?

Honestly, I could sit here all day and come up with amazing improvements for all classes. 

However, there was something that I was not prepared for. I knew the class changes were going to hit everyone and I was okay with it. That's how most MMOs do the whole "specializing for one role" thing, after all, and LOTRO has become a bit stale after all these years, so maybe some changes could make it more interesting again. Right? 

Well, let me give you a hint about what made me freeze in pure horror. 

The class that shocked me like that tends to shout a lot and claim they do all the work while the rest of the group slacks off.

They also tend to have a legendary item for every LI slot because they need their utility belts and buff sticks and all that.

I may have complained about that class before, but deep down I know it's my favourite class and I love it. I guess my love for that class also affected my preferences in other games - for example, in League of Legends I play support more than everything else because 1) I suck at dealing damage and 2) doing the little things that no one notices feels kind of nice. 

O captain, my captain, how I love you! I have two of them on Crickhollow, one on Landroval, one on Laurelin, one on Brandywine and there may be others that I have forgotten. Well, now imagine my shock and horror when I logged on, got the notification about having to respend the points on my legendary items and saw this:

Here's a little hint: those two are for buffing. Note the lack of buff legacies. 

AND THIS IS NOT WHERE THE MADNESS STOPS. There are no buffing skills anymore, aside from the morale buff and IDoME! No crit, no parry, no focus, nothing!

I... I always wished I didn't have those skills. I thought I would be happy, but I'm not. I feel betrayed, I feel like someone ripped my heart out and then stepped on it, I feel like someone cut my thumbs off, I...