28 December 2011

A mighty beard

Future generations will gaze upon my likeness and say, "What a mighty beard!"
- Pony

In other news: happy birthday to people that happen to celebrate their birthdays today! 
I'm sure the dwarf with the cake and balloons would be more than happy to celebrate it with you. Surely he has a keg of beer with him (can't imagine a dwarf without beer, really), so the party will probably be quite interesting, to say the least.

19 December 2011

Cappy gods

This post is dedicated to Dune and Cas, two very unhelpful captains.

12 December 2011

Preparing for the new raid

Things that I need to do before the new fancy Isengard raid is released:

On a related note - I should probably buy some cake for myself tomorrow.

11 December 2011

Trouble in Tuckborough

So we 4-manned lvl 75 Trouble in Tuckborough raid the other day. Originally we had 2 hunters, a minstrel and a warden but before the final boss I decided to switch to my captain, mostly because hunters can't really save anyone's life when things go horribly wrong.

Right. So I switched and thought I'd heal a little bit. Unfortunately they had decided that I was going to tank the main boss when I was away, so my poor little lvl 72 captain had to hold aggro against Godless, a hunter with 2.1k agility. I even buffed him, damn it.

I asked him to be nice... I should have known better.

10 December 2011


Oh snap! Someone left a couple of comments on my blog and tried to insult me (examples: #1#2)!! Never before has anyone used such words to describe me... and frankly, I am amazed. The lack of creativity displayed in those insults saddens me.

It did make me think about the way I talk about some kinships, though. So here is a disclaimer: I do not hate any kinships on our server. However, I dislike several people in quite a few kins. Still, when I say "ololol, they're noobs/elitist jerks and they suck", I don't mean it seriously enough to even remember it 2 hours later.

Dear random anonymous person, I wish you were at least brave enough to say who you are. Feel free to roll an alt and send me a tell to talk about your issues, as I can't really remember saying anything about Gur Galad. I don't even know anyone from GG... /confused

FotC has already written a song about everything that I'd like to say, so I'm just going to post this and dedicate it to the people that think I hate them or their kin.

For my normal readers: honestly, I'll try to finish a picture tonight. Seriously!

02 December 2011

S T.. what

The other day I had a rather bizarre dream. I woke up with a terrible song stuck in my head and all I could think was "wait, whaaaaat?"
Now, it would have been very difficult to just draw a comic about my weird dream, so I decided to add a few explanations. They're not that good but writing fancy commentary would take forever and I've wasted enough of my time on drawing cars and spruces. 

Right. Well, the beginning wasn't weird at all. I was picking flowers on a random meadow (I'm not quite sure where exactly it was but I assume it was somewhere in Estonia) and generally feeling good about everything. Can't really feel depressed on such a nice summer day.

At some point a bright red car appeared out of nowhere. It seemed a little suspicious, since normally people have to actually drive their cars to get somewhere. But these 2 guys seemed to have teleported there! That's not very normal... in fact, it's not even close to what I consider normal.

So I stood there and stared at the two men that got out of the car and started walking towards me. I had never seen their faces before but when they started talking, I recognised their voices and realised that Moose and Godless had somehow come to visit me. "Oh fearless leader," they said, "we come bearing gifts!"
Of course, I couldn't come up with anything appropriate to say, so I just stood there and looked stupid while they put a shiny golden crown on my head.

It would have been wise to tell them to gtfo and leave me be but they invited me along. So I shrugged and accepted the invite because getting into a car owned by two men that I had never seen before was obviously the most reasonable choice.
At first everything seemed fine but then one of them turned the radio on and started singing along.

The rest of our journey to ??? (I can't really remember where we were going) wasn't very eventful. I kind of just sat there and tried to pretend that our situation wasn't weird at all. But it looked very nice!

I just can't help but wonder what kind of a car they were using...