28 September 2011

27 September 2011

Chicken run

I'd like to thank those 4 people for that incredible Friday morning. I hope we're going to do that again because the whole run was full of win and 1337.

... I need to start drawing pictures about my miserable real life again, then I could use less colours and finish the pictures faster. Oh, and it'd be easier to understand what's going on. *sigh*

21 September 2011

Whyyyyyy am I so dumb

Moose will survive

Cas: everyone knows this yeah?
Moose: this is vile maw... where's the watcher?
Cas: (slits his wrists)
Ward: yeah I thought you said we were doing watcher

Form: please don't die on the first scream
Cas: or the second
Form: Moose can do that, you can't
Cas: Moose will do that
Cas: no can do about it
Moose: o ho ho ho ho ho

20 September 2011

An epic raid

I have absolutely no idea why people aren't spamming us with tells to get a chance to join our raids when obviously our raids are the most entertaining thing on our server. Honestly. 

Doing the dishes

I hate it. Just think of all the slimy things that float in the water... the slimy things that want to touch my hands and pull me under water. Eww.

17 September 2011

13 September 2011

Every day is exactly the same

This picture was drawn in April, back when we used to raid all the time. LotRO did not let me get any sleep for at least 2 weeks... but I loved it. Our raid group was the greatest guild that was not a guild that I have ever been in.
Thinking of those times still awakens the arrogant elitist in me. "Yeah, you're doing OD t2 challenges now, but we were the first ones to see the balrog on our server! You weren't even lvl 65 then!"

So this is what I did every day for several weeks in a row.

I still think we're the best players on the whole server. 

05 September 2011


So one of the Thors spent roughly a month outside and in cool places (might be worth noting he did that in real life, by the way). When he came back, I started the conversation with the most important question.

Form: so did you lose your geeky pale complexion?
Thorfr: indeed, I am now a hot brown surfer boy, if I may say so
Form: or maybe a guido
Thorfr: great, thanks
Form: alright, alright, no guidos
Thorfr: I've been working on this tan for 4 weeks and you're already trying to get to me

That's how I imagined his tan.

02 September 2011

My god, where are yoooouuuuu

This picture can be applied to so many situations, e.g...
1) "Why isn't my internet connection working? WHAT HAPPENED? GOD DAMN IT, FFFUUUUUUUUUUU oh please start working again please  please please I can't live without it..."
2)  "Why isn't [name] still online? WHERE IS (S)HE?! YOU'D BETTER LOG IN OR I'LL oh please just log in I feel terribly lonely please log in please log in..."
... and so on. I think everyone gets the idea.