25 January 2012

Being a kin leader II: the bills

Okay, now I've finished the other half of my previous picture and I can go back to being worried about everything in real life.

This is what being the leader of Fightclub really feels like. The last picture was only a nice dream.

24 January 2012

Being a kin leader

So! I've been the leader of Fightclub for roughly 2,5 months now. It wasn't really my idea to step up and replace Tosser (I still hope he'll come back someday), Godless just usurped the kin and tossed me the crown after that.

"Well, Form," he said, "no one else could do it better. I'd kick everyone out of the kin for fun, Cas would invite his friends from the Moors, Moose would lead us off a cliff and no one else has been here long enough. Enjoy!"

Needless to say, I wasn't too happy about it. Now I've gotten used to it, though, and it doesn't seem so bad anymore. After all we decide everything together in our kin and my main duty is to comfort the ones that felt insulted by something. It's kind of amazing to see how often that happens. Well, I suppose that in addition to that I'm also the idiot that draws comics about FC and keeps track of all our achievements (including extraordinary failures), but other than that there isn't much to do.

Oh, the life of a kin leader...

By the way, if I were to draw my other kinmates too, then Moose would be the guy that plays music in the background, Sato would be in charge of the Sacred Cookie Jar, Feath would be kept locked up in a cellar (so that he couldn't traumatise us with his perverted stories) and everyone else would be building a new palace for me.
Hooray, servants!

 P. S.
So apparently there's been a bit of confusion about - surpriiiise! - the skin colours of Cas and Ward. Just to clarify: I have no idea what you guys look like in real life, so I always draw your characters.

23 January 2012

It's a beautiful day- waaaaait

A few days ago we played Truth or Dare in our kin. Honestly, I never thought I'd see anything like this on LotRO and some things still make me cringe when I happen to think about them. In fact, it's been ruining otherwise perfectly normal mornings for me for the last... uh, 3-4 days.
Only in Fightclub...

P. S.
I will try to start being funny again when I'm done with all my exams.

16 January 2012

A new tank in our kin

So we finally got a guardian to join our kin a couple of weeks ago. He's a very nice guy, buuuuut there's a tiny little issue with him. He's... a bit handicapped when it comes to tanking.
"Handicapped?" you might ask. "Surely it can't be that bad?"
Wellllllllllll, I don't know what I should call it then...

09 January 2012

Event tracker for kinmate aggro

Based on a true story, as always.

Seriously, guys! Did you think I would never find out? >:/

05 January 2012

And now for something completely different

No, of course I didn't finish a new comic yet. I've been too busy with... other stuff.
Protip: click on the pictures to see them in their full glory.

Apparently I've spent some time in the kitchen. Ginger cookies, anyone?

02 January 2012

Raiding: expectations vs reality

Lately some people from my kin have been receiving a lot of tells from our distant friends and acquaintances (in some cases strangers too, afaik) that suddenly want to befriend us, raid with us and have our babies join our kin. I guess I can understand that. After all we're actively raiding again.

However, I don't think most of the server knows what we're really up to...

This is how a lot of people imagine our raids:

... and this is what we really do when we're raiding:

True story, real experiences, things that happened to us, all true.