09 August 2012

Why no one should ever roll a captain

I'd like to apologise for not posting anything in the last few weeks. I have been busy in real life.

I've always thought of myself as a hunter but in the last few months I have mostly been raiding and doing instances on my... captain. It's not really that surprising, considering that we lost our regular captains in late winter due to some rather unfortunate circumstances. And since Dz disappeared mysteriously some time ago, our group now usually gets their buffs from either me or Ve.

At least now no one can question the necessity of taking me to our raids. It's quite nice. However, if you're a cappy, you probably know that there are some downsides to playing a super awesome support class.

So here are a few things that always annoy me when I'm on my captain.

1. After a wipe everyone but you takes a short break.
You, of course, are not going anywhere because there is some serious buffing to be done and you might as well do it while everyone's AFK to not waste anyone's time. It's even more fun when you're the only captain in your raid!
(Look at that, I can't draw a straight sword anymore. I have a curved sword. A curved. Sword.)

2. People don't understand that there's a max range for everything.
It's probably quite annoying from the healers' perspective as well, but nothing - and I mean nothing - beats having to switch between groups a million times just because someone didn't realise they weren't close enough to get motivated and then whined because they weren't buffed. Well, whose fault was that?
Ohh, you found a way to climb on top of that lamp post. How interesting! Could you come back now and let me give you your crit buff?

3. No one actually waits for buffs.
Sometimes I feel invisible because I shout and yell and scream at everyone else, yet they pay no attention to me and run off before I can even pull my amazing buff dagger out. It makes me sad.

4. You need a million weapons.
Did you think you could get away with having just one emblem and one weapon? lol nope! My poor captain has 5 fully maxed legendary items and I'd still like to find a decent 1H sword for healing because I found an amazing shield at some point and would like to use it for something (although I guess my current main sword is already good enough for healing). Unfortunately I think it's not going to happen before Rohan, /sigh.

5. Your raid leader will never leave you alone.
Dear raid leader, you're talking to the whole group, yet apparently 11 people get "etc" and I get everything else. I know it's because my big skills are actually pretty significant, as opposed to "RKs, use that group bubble thing" or "hunters, you should... pew pew more, I guess", but it's still unfair. Stop picking on me! D:

6. Scary thought: 20 wipes x 12 people x 2 buffs per person = 480 wasted buffs
I tend to get very frustrated if people wipe the group for moronic reasons. OH, I WONDER WHY. Stop dying, guys, or next time you'll all get 5% Motivating Speech from me instead of the usual 10% because I'm sick and tired of going "crit... crit... crit... parry... crit... oh god, someone wanted focus... crit... switch me, please... motivate... switch back... crit... crit..." so often.

So the next time you receive buffs from your group's captain, please think of all the pain we always have to endure. Thanks!

In other news: we beat ToO shadow T2 3 weeks ago, Lofarr and Blue joined our kin (oh cookie cookie cookie!), my warden hit lvl 75 a couple of weeks ago and Sato got addicted to running Dungeons of Dol Guldur over and over again. Hooray juice!


  1. Required reading for everyone who didn't roll a Captain.


  2. Point #1--so bad for us! I had to get really fast at grabbing beer, and still I'm sometimes the last one ready to go. And then we wait a full minute for the Warden/Raidleader to self-buff himself...

    The worst is like a Foundry or something, and the tank just takes off, expecting you to buff on the run. Thats where I /sit to peacefully protest

    1. Pfft wardens and their silly Battle Preparation!

      Just sitting down instead of buffing... why didn't I ever think of that? I am definitely going to do that in the next Foundry/RoF run.

  3. Reading about this is funnier than actually playing... not sure if this is entirely your fault, but close enough :)

    1. That's definitely not my fault. :P

  4. This post is the reason I will log on again tonight.

    Also, it is all very true and what Ve said.

  5. I feel the pain, didn't take many runs on my cappy to become sick of buffing. Can't wait for RoR and the new cappy ooc res...

  6. Ha! I can sympathize with all of that. The best thing that happened to me once was when people were dying during a 12 man skirmish, and immediately I was getting yelled at by the raid leader "buff the group, captain!", when most of the poeple were out of range, etc. And the action never really stopped since it wasn't a wipe (no really, he was using the yell thingy where the message appears on the screen). I left.

  7. Thanks for the read. I feel your pain - I always play buffers/healers in MMOs :)

  8. Well, first of Yay for T2 shadow! Was it challenge or was it the one i failed tank but still pulled trough?

    And i feel for your Captain. I love playing him, but being sole captain on a 12 man challenge atempt is draining...

    1. I'm glad you ask about that raid like 2.5 months later. Good job, Razor!
      And yes, it was the one that you tanked for us. T2, no challenge.