28 December 2012

Attention, farming enthusiasts!

The Hoarhallow Farming Society is accepting new members! If you

  • enjoy working outside in fresh air,
  • are a proficient farmer (expert and upwards),
  • are good at dealing with various pests that may attack your beautiful garden in Hoarhallow,
  • are prepared to bring your own farming supplies,

then you should apply! Veteran farmers get access to improved tools that make farming easier than it has ever been before. They also get an adorable little badge that they can display proudly to let everyone know of their recent achievements.

What are you waiting for? Go find the hobbits in Hoarhallow and apply!


  1. For several days in the first week of U9, all the creeps on Brandy raided up and farmed the hell out of HH while the freeps did Durchest and stuff.

    Did that happen on Crick as well?

    1. No, I'm relatively sure that this did not happen on Crickhollow. A lot of people have been farming t1 Durchest like there's no tomorrow, but I haven't heard of creeps farming HH... yet.

  2. Pretty sure it can be applied to... other kind of farming :P