09 November 2012

Fun times in Eaworth

Firstly, I'd like to say that the current "endgame" in Rohan is horribly dull. I can understand that it's mostly aimed at your average casual solo player and raiders with no life are a minority in a game like LOTRO... which is terribly sad because most of my friends happen to be raiders with no life and quite a few of them are taking a long break, since currently you can only quest and do skirm raids (booooriiiing!).

However, you can do some of those quests with your friends and/or kinmates to make them more entertaining.

Guess who couldn't get up there fast enough and had to wait until someone else bought a summoning horn from the LOTRO store (that'd be me). Also, guess who fell like 20 times and landed outside the city walls twice (yup, me again). 

I saw at least 3 deaths in Eaworth that were caused by that tower. 1) Someone missed a jump (perhaps because Jara pushed him?), 2) someone jumped on Moose and accidentally fell off, and 3) Moose didn't aim for the river when we all decided to jump down. 

Final score:
Beacon of Eaworth: 3+
Citizens of Middle-earth: 0

Until next time!

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